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Thread: v-verb pro 2496 firmware

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    v-verb pro 2496 firmware


    Can anybody put up a "how to" flash the firmware on the v-verb 2496? I have the files "REV2496_1-2.syx" and "REV2496_1-2.bin" from Behringer Customer Support, but no directions on how to update the firmware. When I turn the unit on the screen reads: "Firmware data not found. Please update!"

    Thanks in advance,

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    I did look for info on the internet, but found nothing. If, perhaps I did not use the correct keywords, please pardon and help me out. I'd really like to get this working again.

    Customer support doesn't know how to do it! My support request had me connected with "MUSIC Group Research UK Limited". I guess they handle Behringer support. Funny that a seemingly simple thing like this would be unknown.

    I have flashed other devices through USB and MIDI.


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    Hi again. Am I doing something wrong, or does no one know the answer?

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    Can you send me the firmware files? I have 1.1 on mine. I contacted support and they tell me it is discontinued with no files available.

    The best I could find is the procedure for a similar box -

    Looks like you hold the setup button while powering up - the unit says "waiting...."
    Then play the sysex file through MIDI and wait for it to finish

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    Hi FarmerMatt,

    Please contact me privately with your email address. I'll send you the update files.


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    Private message sent. Too bad Behringer doesn't still host the firmware for this anymore.

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