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Thread: S16 Success

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    S16 Success

    My new S16 is setup and sync'd to the X32 at church. I've had my X32 for about a year, and have been real happy with it. I had posted my "plan" to install a S16 a couple of months ago to add soem inputs on stage, and got some good Ethernet wiring advice. Following that advice, I pulled Standard Cat 5e wire in the walls, and punched down into RJ-45 wall jacks just like my Ethernet for PCs. Standard Cat 5e Ethernet cables connect the X32 and S16 to each wall jacks.

    It took some time to correct a couple of my punch-down errors, but once I had fixed my errors, the S16 sync light turned green, as did the AES50A light on the display. The S16 is on stage and communicating with X32 up in the sound booth.

    Now I just need to figure out the routing options with the S16.

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    That's awesome!

    I know those RJ45 wall jacks have different rating between braided and solid that effects connectivity. Figured that out the hard way doing an install once.

    Routing is pretty easy, just use the routing button and assign as need. =)

    Congrats on the install! That's awesome!
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    I prefer to see the cables terminated with RJ45s, and pass-through wall jacks to be used.

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    Posted on an other forum site .....

    Re: Best cables for X32

    Dear all,

    the discussion around digital networking is an important one and hence allow me to share a few comments.

    We are currently working on a White Paper to explain the technical background related to digital networking and how to ensure reliable connections especially in challenging live environments.

    In that context I like to highlight once more the importance of mains filtering. While UPS devices will ensure continuous power supply, they usually do not provide for mains filtering.

    However, power spikes are one of the main reasons for signal interruptions in digital devices and hence it is critical to a) separate the power supply of your console and stage boxes from any lighting equipment etc. and b) install quality mains filters.

    The AES50-based HYPERMAC networking protocol, designed by MIDAS and KLARK TEKNIK, is also utilized in the X32 system. It is extremely reliable and has been used for years in some of the world's largest touring setups.
    Furthermore with the installation of now ten-thousands of X32/S16 systems, we have come across very few networking problems and those could almost always be tracked down to the common issues such as lack of UPS, mains filtering or inadequate cables etc.

    We are currently working with Neutrik to have them design and manufacture a high-quality networking cable, suitable for all MIDAS and BEHRINGER consoles as well as third party products. Since we will be ordering a very large amount of those cables, we feel confident to be able to offer it at a very reasonable price through our regular distribution.

    On a separate note, we have been often asked to provide road-cases for our X32 products. We are very pleased to announce that we will be offering TP or "Touring Pack" versions for all of our X32, COMPACT and PRODUCER mixers. The road cases are made of very high quality birch wood and we will be shipping those TP products within this month.

    Let me take this opportunity to thank you once more for all your support. Your feedback is invaluable and greatly helps us to provide you with better products and service.

    Warm regards

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