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Thread: Questions about XENYX X1222USB Mixer

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    Question Questions about XENYX X1222USB Mixer

    Hello everyone,
    I have two technical questions concerning the XENYX X1222USB. We are currently running a workshop that requires live translation of lectures. The setup is relatively simple. There are two mics being used, in channel 1 and 2, respectively. There are two speakers connected to left+right main out.
    The translation requires headphones, so there is a 1/4" audio cable from the headphone plugged into the PHONS/CTRL connector.

    1. If the headphones are connected through the PHONS/CTRL connector, both mics will be outputted to the headphones, as expected. How would I only get Mic 1 to output to the headphones, while still having both speakers outputting both Mics?
    2. The PHONS/CTRL connector is mono, the headphones are stereo with only one cable input. There is sound only coming out from one ear, as expected. Would the only way to remedy this situation be to split the cable from the PHONS/CTRL connector to turn it to stereo, then rejoin it with a cable that supports stereo?

    Thank you in advance!

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    Dear Yoshitaka,

    regarding your questions:

    1. Unfortunately this is not possible with this mixer as it has no SOLO function which would help you here. The smaller X1204USB or QX1204USB would do for this special case.
    2. The Phones connector is a TRS stereo jack, so if you route the microphones to the middle by having the PAN pots set to middle position you should be able to hear them on both sides / in the middle on your headphones.

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    Thank you for your reply. They were quite helpful.

    The only problem is that the PAN pots are already set to the middle, yet I only get sound from the left ear.

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    XENYX X1204USB and UCA202 USB driver

    Herr Behringer,
    what is this constant noise (every 1000 Hz) on using your USB driver pluging XENYX X1204USB mixer or UCA202 interface? This problem appears on Windows XP Home and Vista Home on two different computers.

    Screenshots attached:

    Thanx for help

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