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Thread: Safe-ing the USB recorder

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    Safe-ing the USB recorder

    So im working on a new musical and have several scenes that i go through during the show. The composer is also the music director and asked me for some 2 track recordings of the band. Multitrack is out of the question as the firewire is hooked up to a Q playback computer that doesnt have the power to record as well. My question is, how do i keep the usb config from changing during my scene shifts? I've been able to safe everything else i want to keep from changing. Thanks guys.


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    Hi Luke,

    That's a very good question. My guess would be the param safe page and the Console Configuration. But that would only be a guess. I just got back from the church (where our X32 is) setting up for tomorrow morning. If I get a chance in the morning before practice and try that out. That's the problem with the safes and recalls. A lot of it is try this, try that until you stumble on it.

    There was a webinar about that this week. Unfortunately I was at work at the time and I missed over half of it. Hopefully they will be posting it soon. That may also answer your question.


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    Thanks Paul,
    I do hope that webinar gets posted. Unfortunately i cant really mess around with the safes as they are setup for about 15 scenes in a show that still has a while left. ill mess with it after this show comes down if i dont have an answer by then. and if i find it ill post it back here. Seems like that should be something autosafe really.

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    Dear Luke,
    Changing scenes will not interrupt USB recording. You can safe the "config" of the recorder (so that it stays recording the sources you have selected on the RECORDER menu) by engaging the "Output Patch" safe. You can do this by using the "Output Patch" safe for each scene on the "home" screen of the SCENES menu, or by globally safing that parameter via the "Out Patch" safe on the "param safe" page.

    We will be making the Scenes & Presets Webinar available soon on our YouTube channel.
    John DiNicola
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    Thanks John,
    Unfortunately i change my output patch within the scene shifts so i cant safe them, ill just have to re-save them all every time i change the config depending on when my MD wants to hear a different recording. Usually its his guitar on one track and then some other instrument on the other. Its so he can update the score after the fact......


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    Have you tried reaper on the playback computer and just route and record the channels you want in reaper?

    I've found it hardly uses any resources when only doing a few channels. At least that's the case for usb, I don't use firewire, it's too temperamental in the pc world and doesn't offer any real benefit in this application.

    If your just recording the main L/R out to the stick, it shouldn't care about the routing. If there's a need to switch sources with scene changes, maybe a workaround using spare mix busses, matrixes, or the monitors as the record source and switching whats sent to them instead of whats sent direct to the stick would avoid any issues with the stick getting stopped.

    Just concepts, I haven't tried anything on my board yet.

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    Ive thought about reaper, i use it myself on my laptop with great success even at 32x32 though it is a quadcore 2.0 with 8gb ram so im not surprised. However the playback machine is an old mac mini with 2gb max ram and a 1.6ghz(?) processor running 10.1 perhaps? i dont have it in front of me. The big issue is that i have nothing free output wise, Im in a thrust house with 5 zones plus 1 delay, so thats my 6 matrix mono to sub stereo to 2 zones of onstage monitoring and mix buses are stacked with 4 fx sends 4 band IEM sends listen assist booth/backstage monitor and then the other 6 are various mix to matrix/LRC-M sends. or group mix. IT didnt come up until 2 weeks into the show or i might have set things up in a different way. The usb was set from the last show which was bus 1 and 2 and therefor saved in all of the many scenes i use. At the moment ive got everything he needs and we close on sunday so baring some major change.... ive managed. I will test the setup after the show to see if i can run reaper with qlab and not glitch, I'll respond with the results/computer specs once that's done. The theatre i work for is small but it takes up just about all of my outputs even on non musicals. Im thinking of some kind of off board speaker manager, like an Ashly Protea 3x6 or 4x8 for the future so i can save some outputs and keep the house system set the same.

    Thanks for the response though, take care


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