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Thread: Quick question about performing firmware updates

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    Dear Guys,
    Paul is correct that this is a solution I have offered in the past for those having difficulty with updating. This is because some USB Drives do not "power up" fast enough to be read in time during the X32 boot process. If you use the workaround Paul described, the USB drive remains powered up since the console is only doing a "soft reset" (power to the USB drive remains on). This often works.

    Regarding a list of recommended drives:
    It is difficult to recommend specific brands as specifications are ever-changing and a particular brand/model from a few months ago may be manufactured differently then the current version, without any indication. I will say that I personally have had better luck with smaller size USB drives. In addition, remember to be sure that the drive is formatted to the FAT32 file system (shown as FAT in Mac OSX Disk Utility). It also can help to have the firmware file be the only file on the drive.
    I have also successfully updated using a 500 GB USB Hard Dive with a lot of other data on it that had its own power supply, so I would recommend trying this if one is available to you. Hope it helps!
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    Just tried the solution Paul suggested and it worked. I'm now running the latest version.

    Thanks Paul!

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    Glad it worked Joel


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    As far as USB drives go ... I've had nothing but good luck with the cheap SanDisk 4GB found at wallyMart.

    About the only thing I will purchase from that chain store.
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    Interesting about 500gb drive that is powered-I will try an external usb drive next time...and the wall mart 4gb stick I will buy...

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    Guys (girls??) -- i use an ADATA C008/32GB usb stick with no issues at all if thats any help. I also use an IBM travellestar hard drive caddy with an external ibm hard drive (ide 2.5") with no issues.

    As Paul and Behringer team said -- switching sample rate is the easiest way to force an update if it doesnt go from power up as its a soft reboot rather than full, meaning the usb power supply isnt dropped during it.


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    Try formatting the USB drive before putting the file on it. Some drives come with security or other little programs that might cause troubles.

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    There is apparantly is no real world limit to size, just the issue of powering up in a fast enough manner? It sure looks like the power issue is the problem. Did the adata 32gig update the firmware from power on or changing the sample rate method? My little 512mb pny has worked every time without having to soft restart, but you can see it blink as soon as the x32 powers up so it's getting power very early on in the x32 start cycle. Too bad that spec is not well identified by usb makers. Thought did occur to me that the time it takes to calculate vol and content could be just enough to be too slow for the x32 which may explain why smaller drives with JUST the update file work better. I still think a sticky section section on this site where a simple maker/size, works/doesn't work and maybe 'soft reset only' or 'both' section would be a big help. I have to use an LS9-32 where I work and yamaha did that as they too have issues with which drives work or not. They didn't promote any maker just a simple tested and works thing.

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    [QUOTE=gary higgins;7939]There is apparantly is no real world limit to size, just the issue of powering up in a fast enough manner?/QUOTE]

    Almost true. The drives need to be formatted with FAT32 and there's a limit to the drive size due to the file format. Unless it accepts NTFS (I don't think it does). You can read all about the limits of FAT32 here.
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