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Thread: BEHRINGER at Active8 Conference

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    Evan Hooton

    BEHRINGER at Active8 Conference

    So from July 10-12th, I was in Anaheim, CA to support the Active8 conference and bring out the X32 family.

    Im very excited to say that BEHRINGER had the X32 PRODUCER being used side-of-stage in the Active8 Conference VIP room for an interview with Martin Smith, the lead singer for genre-defining band Delirious.

    Check out some of the pictures I was able to get.

    I have many more pictures and videos from my time with the great group of people at the Active8 conference that I will be posting soon.



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    That's pretty Awesome. Martin Smith is my hero. Wish I had known. I was 5 minutes away on the 10th, and would have stopped by and said hello.
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