Please find attached an excellent and non-paid review I found for speakers under USD500 (except Mackie @ USD1,300)

Alesis M1 Actives, Alesis MKII passives through a RA150 amp, Tannoy Reveals, Mackie HR824s, M-Audio Studiophile SP8Bs (8" Active), Behringer Truths and Roland DS90s.

Final rankings:

1. Behringer Truths
2. Alesis MKII passives
3. Alesis M1 Actives
4. M-Audio Studiophiles
5. Roland DS90s
6. Tannoy Reveals
7. Mackie HR824s

1. Mackie HR824s
2. Behringer Truths
3. Alesis MKII passives
4. Alesis M1 Actives
5. Roland DS90s
6. Tannoy Reveals
7. M-Audio Studiophiles

I am based in Belgium and I own a pair of TRUTH B2031A's since 05/2012.
Bought from Musikhaus Thomann, Germany.
Great service. Excellent product. Good price. Nice site.

1.- Pre-tense all the walls of the speaker by internally wedging slightly-oversize dowels top to bottom and side to side. MORE clarity at the lower octaves.
2.- Include "plugs" for the ports and a new "optimized" setting for the EQ to include an "infinite baffle" option. BETTER transients at the lowest octave.
3.- Consider AlBeMet instead of Titanium. MORE transparency at the high range.