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Thread: I cant understand Behringers ways of thinking.

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    I cant understand Behringers ways of thinking.

    Am i the only one who thinks this is bizzare / crazy.

    I see today there is a firmware upgrade for the x-uf card, and it clearly states on the notes regarding the upgrade that this is purely to fix a sync issue with macs.

    QUOTE from the read me file :- "This update improves the synchronization of USB connectivity with Mac OS X software. Users running Windows or using the FireWire option are not affected by this update."

    Ok -- as i use a mac, i though i best do the upgrade. I then read further down the notes and it appears the upgrade is only do able from a windows pc!!!!!!!

    QUOTE fromthe read me file :- "The X-UF card update can be done via FireWire or USB using a small Updater Tool running on Windows PC."

    Am i being thick or just arrogant, but as the upgrade is to address a mac issue, then why is there no upgrade tool within the package for macs??

    Behringer -- please start listening to your users of this expensive piece of equipment. We are NOT all windows users. There is numerous threads all over the forums with people who have shelled out lots of money for your product asking for Android support as well, and this recent firmware release just confirms that you seem to be a Windows biased company.

    Please please please start supporting the other formats being requested, as the public reading these forums before purchasing products will take their cash elsewhere when they see how ignorant you are being towards your customers requests

    Thanks - rant over for now


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    Hi Dave,

    I hear you, if nobody else does. I did think it bizarre when I read the notice stating the fix was only for Mac USB fix, but the install was Windows based. Not being a Mac (or iPad user), it didn't apply to me. So I'm glad you brought it up. It is nice to be able to do our rants, etc. on this forum and not be censored. Hopefully someone will read and take action to make the corrections necessary.


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    I agree - It's really bizarre. Maybe making program for Windows is quicker? Or maybe they have less experience in programing for Macs?
    The only solution I see is installing WINE for MacOS. Or borrow Windows notebook from friend?
    This post was made in Poland

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    I also noticed this as an issue. Just raised it as a question after searching and then noticed this thread!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mateusz Ciesiółka View Post
    The only solution I see is installing WINE for MacOS. Or borrow Windows notebook from friend?
    That might be a bit sketchy. If the update program looks for certain driver ID's it might not even work. I'm not sure that transfers over to WINE that well. Better to use a VM with Hardware level access.
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    Sorry guys -- delayed reply (been on holiday). Sorry -- im not going to spend thousands on a mac to get away from windows, only to install it on a perfectly good machine that windows would just make it look tacky.

    Behringer actively display that Mac OSX is supported with their product, so they should release the software to suit. Not expect us to do a botch around just to get an update to work.

    The firmware update is to address a MAC OSX issue, so it should have been sent out with a MAC OSX installer. Whatever happened to OSX etc being the king of machines for music apps etc??? It was one of the main reasons i bought a Macbook.

    Could you imagine the uproar in here if the firmware update was to address a PC issue, but was package with an OSX installer???

    BEHRINGER NEED TO START LISTENING TO THE CUSTOMER. There are threads all over the place with issues with firmware, and requests, and not a single word from Behringer on any of the issues related to a new firmware release, never mind requests for features.

    Im really beginning to regret my purchase now, and see it as a bit of a "pig in a poke" now.... Support looked great at the beginning, but now seems to have dropped to nothing unless you are on here kicking up hell about a hardware failure.

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Behringer -- start to act with some common sense, or customers / potential customers are going to start walking and buy products from a company that really does show commitment and care towards their customers and products instead.


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    Sorry -- forgot to add. I was out with the desk a few days ago, when an old friend came up to admire the desk. Hes in the market for a new mixer and asked me what i thought of it, as it was on his list of maybes. I showed him around it, and did admit i loved it to him. He asked about support...... he was sorry he asked. I pointed him to this forum. I got a text from him 2 days ago. He loved the desk, but has changed his mind "due to lack of behringer listening to the customer and not fixing issues with firmware from over 5 months ago". He does mid to large size venues, and couldnt afford to have an known issue for over 1 month with a desk ruin a show for him...... So that 1 customer down so far -- how many more are there with the same attitude?

    If customers are not buying, then i can bet Behringer will drop support like a lead weight.



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    Dear David,

    could you please tell me which issue has not been fixed according to your opinion?

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    Not trying to be funny Michael, but does Behringer staff actually read the important threads on here. Im not going to troll through 43 pages of faults and feature requests (20 of which have been since the last firmware release)

    Suffice to say, issues must have been found by Behringer, as in another thread a user has reported having version 1.14 installed on his mixer after a repair.

    Why is it Behringer are being so slow with updates after such a flying start -- is it a case of the light that burns brightly??

    You can imagine Michael, a lot of users on here are getting frustrated by the lack of updates (maybe not updates, but re assurance that problems are being worked on and that a future firmware update is just a round the corner). Everytime someone asks any question re firmware updates, it is ignored. A classic example of this is why i started this thread to ask why did it seem a good idea by Behringer to release a Mac issue fix with a pc installer?? once again, it went on deaf ears.

    Any re assurance from Behringer that they have not dropped support for their flagship product to concentrate on something else would have been great, but to date there has been nothing.

    Also, im not just talking about the desk in general, but xedit, android apps etc etc -- all of which gets no replies



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    Hi Michael,

    David is speaking for a lot of us on this forum. Whatever happened to the honest, frank, quick replies from Behringer? Whatever happened to the frequent updates of the firmware and apps? Whatever happened to the quick postings of the webinars and other resources?

    Please understand that one of your greatest assets and sales forces is your current customer base (users). And the more passionate users seem to gravitate to this forum as active members. Keeping them satisfied with news, info, updates, resources is a key to the X32 success.


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