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Thread: Controlling Passive Monitors from a EUROLIVE B205D

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    Controlling Passive Monitors from a EUROLIVE B205D

    I have the following live configuration:

    • Peavy XR800D PA with Bose 402 for front of House
    • Behringer B205D from the Main Out as a Personal Monitor
    • 2 X TOA SM60 Stage Monitor Speakers

    I want to use my B205D to send the signal and control the volume of the SM60s

    How do i get the amplified signal from the B205D to the SM60s - they can be chained through thier bridge connection

    Can i use the Thru connector on the back of the XR800D - if so what type of cable - the SM60s have jack input

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    Dear Ken,
    The B205Ds are powered, or "active", monitors but are not designed to power other speakers. While you could feed signal out of the line out on the back of the B205D, this is a line level signal that would not power your SM60s. In addition, this output is tapped just before the Main Level & EQ on the B205D, so its level is unaffected by the main level on the B205D. You will need to add a power amp between B205D and the SM60s or connect the SM60s to the powered outputs on the back of the XR800D to power them. You could do one of the following:

    1. Connect your mic / instruments to B205D and create your mix there, send a XLR > 1/4" cable from the line out of B205D into an input channel of the XR800D.
    2. Connect your mic / instruments to channels on the XR800D, and use it to create a seperate monitor mix using the MON A knobs in each channel strip. Then connect a 1/4" cable from the MON A output on the surface of the XR800D to an input on B205D.

    In both cases, your SM60s will need to be connected to the powered outputs on the back of the XR800D, unless you wish to add another power amp to this setup.

    Hope it helps!
    John DiNicola
    Manager, Channel Marketing
    MUSIC Group

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    Thanks John - i understand the situation

    With regard to an additional small power amp for the TOA Monitors - do you have a suggestion - preferrably no more than a 2 unit rack mount

    Would you recommend something like the EPQ304 Power Amplifier

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