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Thread: New Drivers including Windows 8

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    New Drivers including Windows 8

    Dear all,

    we released new Windows drivers for XUF / X32 which support also Windows 8 now.



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    Hi Michael.

    Are there any other features or updates with the new drivers, or just the Win8 compatibility?

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    Dear Gary,

    as included in the release notes within the zip files:

    - Support for Windows 8
    - Windows Audio system switched to event driven mode
    - Fixed WDM connectivity problem after audio mode changes. (update registry patch in KS driver for sample rate)
    - Invalid Clock source name in "Device Setup" dialog is corrected
    - Update of display names and sample rates in WDM improved

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    Gotcha. Thanks Michael. Since I'm on Win7 for everything and everything is working fine, I wasn't going to bother updating the drivers if the Win8 compatibility was the only upgrade. Guess I'll be updating drivers.

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    I am using Windows 8 64 bit, and...I had to do the install in the Win7 compatibility-mode, as earlier !!

    Does it only support Win8 32 bit ?

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    Dear Joern,

    we had no problems installing it without compatibility mode on our test computers with Win8 64 bit.

    Please go to the setup.exe, right click -> Properties, and have a look into the tab "Compatibility" if there is a tickmark that Win8 shall install the driver in compatibility mode automatically and remove the tickmark.

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    Hello Michael
    I cannot install again.....should I uninstall my Win7 Compatibility install first ? or...does it matter ?


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    Dear Joern,

    please do so, this may help.

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    Hi Michael
    So, now I made a nice Win8 installation, thanks

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