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Thread: Using X32 Compact as Control Surface for DAW (with 16 faders simultaneous)?

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    Using X32 Compact as Control Surface for DAW (with 16 faders simultaneous)?

    I wonder that if I can program and reassign almost anything of the X32, if it would be possible to reassign the 8 faders for Group/Bus banks to also act as 8 additional regular (input) faders for a DAW. This way you could have control for 16 channels simultaneous (8 Input Channel banks faders + 8 Group/Bus bank faders) to control your volumes on your DAW, without need to switch banks from 1-8 to 9-16.

    Why I'm asking: I currently use the well known Emagic/Mackie Logic Control with the 8 fader base unit and the 8 fader extension (Logic Control XT), having a total of 16 channels. And since the Compact also have 16 (well, 17) faders I thought, maybe it is possible to reassign the "other" 8 channels also to act as volume channel faders, without to switch banks.
    This is for Studio/DAW control use only - not Live or recording, of course.

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    Dear Axel,

    this is not possible.

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    Dear Michael,

    Mist, but it would have been great .....maybe something to consider in one of the next firmware release
    Thanks for the reply anyway. I almost thought that it wouldn't work. But you never know until you ask and get the reply

    kind regards

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    We have been told that this functionality will come in a later firmware version (at least for the standard x32).

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    This would be highly appreciated! It would be a shame having 17 (compact) or 25 (X32) Faders and not beeing able to use all of them when in DAW control mode.

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