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Thread: Routing Question

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    Routing Question

    My x32 is connected to two s-16's. The first x-16 get's it's signal from aes50A, then the second from the first one's aes50b. On the first s-16, I have output 1-6 following busses 1-6 for monitors, then 7 & 8 set for left & right. I notice the second s-16 mirror's these outputs, however I'd like to use two of the output's on the second s-16 to correspond with busses 7 & 8 to power some side fills. Is this possible?

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    You need to set the modes of the S16s use mode 1 on the first one and mode 2 on the second one to get all 16 outputs, if both are in mode 1, both will output 1-8. So if you want 78 in both you use both in mode 1.

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    You'll have to excuse my lack of knowledge on the s-16. I see no "modes" on either. Could you be more specific?

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    Lance maybe this will help

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