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Thread: Synth hookup

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    Question Synth hookup

    Hi. I hooked up a Gaia synth from mono out to X32/aux in with 1/4, and also usb... it plays through monitors ok but won't record analog in Logic. Seems like the XLR cables/inputs needed?

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    Route the aux inputs to a card output in 'routing', 'Card'.
    There are 32 outputs for record. It defaults to inputs 1 thru 32. If you want aux inputs, you have to tell it to use some of its 32 card outputs for the aux in's.

    Maybe we can ask for clairvoyance to be added in V2 firmware. Then we won't have to worry about pesky things like signal flow, or whether the band adds 4 'surprise' guest musicians in the middle of a set, etc.

    The webinars are a great resource to learn the flexibility if the X32. Power user forum may not be the best resource for basic functions, although people here are always glad to help out.

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    Thanks for your input!

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