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Thread: X V-amp volume pedal conundrum

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    X V-amp volume pedal conundrum

    i just got the X V-Amp multi-fx pedal and love it but am confused on a point. i've followed the instructions for setting the expression pedal as a volume pedal, have set the global volume and gain settings, use the TAP-ADJUST to set the patch volume and the ADJUST to set the patch gain. so far so good. but as soon as i back off the volume pedal from wherever it is set, usually max, and then depress it to increase the volume, as you would between rhythms and leads, the volume does not increase but the gain increases and decreases as the pedal is subsequently set. the DISPLAY indicates VOLUME for the pedal but it's GAIN that is being controlled by it. it's easy to test by touching TAP, which displays the volume i'd previously set for the patch. anybody understand what's going on here and how to actually use the pedal as a volume pedal?

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    Hi Larry,

    Welcome to the forum. I don't have this pedal (I'm actually an X32 user). But I downloaded the manual to see if I could help. I wonder if you remembered to confirm your settings ("hit delay and reverb at the same time") before actually using the pedal as a volume control. I know it maybe a long shot. Hopefully someone that has one of these will see your post and help you further.


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