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Thread: "HOW" are you using Assignable controls during a service?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pete Hanratty View Post

    We are about to purchase our X32 for church and I was wondering how you are all using the assignable control section, if at all.
    We have a send to rooms outside the sanctuary and use one rotary to turn down/up the matrix send to those areas. A button is assigned to turn on/off the recorder - extremely handy and fast way to start/stop the recording between songs or as the pastor is about to preach so we have a number of short recordings of the events in the service rather than a very long one.

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    I have had mine for eight months now and love it!

    We have two vocal Mics on level 2 for the pastor etc. I use one level of the assignables as a mini mixer. Volume and mute for the two Mics, computer for the videos, and iPad for music. The bottom row of buttons we use as controls for the USB player which we use to record the service and play music.
    This set- up has got me out of trouble one or twice (especially when teaching others in a live situation )


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    I'll contribute to my own thread again. Recently I have employed a single button push for our floor wedge 'sends on fader'. This makes it easier for our volunteers to get to that state with one button push instead of three! Did the same for our recording send to pc when we have 'surprise' audio needing to get recorded.

    I'm also venturing into mute groups. But thats another thread. Still on 1.15 until summer when our school is out. No sense in muddying the waters at this point with plays and concerts coming up.


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    Our church has X32 running FOH with 6 mix buses driving monitors (about to install X32 RACK to expand monitor capabilities). We use the matrix to drive sound in an overflow room, to push sound to live web streaming, and to send direct to a video camera/podcast feed. We also record to USB as a backup.

    I've used "assignables" as matrix fader controls and mutes and to start/stop recording to USB. It's great to not have to change layers on the rest of the board while having immediate access to these functions. I'll add FX level control next...great idea.

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