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Thread: Board Crash Help!

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    Board Crash Help!

    We have had some issues with this board, one was the feedback which we found was caused from the F/X.
    But the other night everything is going along and bam the board shuts off in the middle of a show.
    Then it comes back on, all the parameters were still as I left them. At first someone hit a plug or breaker,
    nope. We keep going and it does it again, we made it through the set and I ran another line just for the board.
    The rest of the night no issues, I saw on here about the board rebooting if it drops below 80 volts .
    This is isn't my board but my friends who I run it for, we had a power conditioner hooked up the only other things plugged into that were the lighting desk and a inear monitor. But It was tapped together with the monitor amps.
    My friend is ready to get rid of it and go buy a different board, I suggested I'll post here first and we'll setup the rig in the shop with the band


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    I'll purchase that X32 with no questions asked. How much is he asking?

    Yeah. You have to many things plugged into the same circuit. Even though you have a few things plugged into an outlet no doubt every outlet on that same wall or that half of the building is all on one single 20 amp breaker.

    This is one of the first things checked (other than finding catering) upon arrival to any venue for us.
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    Also, having the power plug not firmly set into the socket(s) can create similar issues.

    I have several iec-plugs and they fit from tight to loose. Xlr's too close to the power switch in the doghouse.

    A bad extension cord can be the culprit as well. So many variables.

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    UPS? One (that can cut in within 20ms) is DEFINATLY recommended for this board. As said before if the voltage drops below 80v for more than 20ms it will crash, pretty much every digital board will be just as susceptible to this phenomenon.
    The voltage drop (or brownout) can happen at any time, anywhere and is unpredictable and is usually due to a voltage drop at the suppliers end rather than a fault with the buildings circuits.

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    At a bare minimum, I would recommend a power conditioner. It would be better if you had a small UPS battery backup. These are both somewhat expensive, but if you are going to play places with crap for electricity, I don't really see any other way.

    Digital equipment is particularly sensitive to voltage changes. In many cases, 80 volts on the line would cause all kinds of trouble.

    The cause of lower voltages like this is usually poor wiring. Case in point.... if you have a 15 amp circuit which runs a couple hundred feet and the circuit is drawing 10 amps at the socket, even if the voltage coming into the building is at 120V, your voltage at the plug would be only 95V.

    Furthermore, if the current draw is fluctuating, this voltage will be moving all over the place too.

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