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Thread: UB1622FX-Pro

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    I've been studying the manual for a couple of days but I'm a bit hazy on how to route the signals through an external effects processor (FX2000) and back into the UB1622.
    Do I use knob 1 or knob 2 (mine says AUX and FX by knob 2 but the manual has AUX by knob 1)?
    Do I use AUX SEND and AUX RETURN 1 or 2 sockets , the answer to that will tell me which knob to use for the return.
    From the above it'll be evident I don't know much about signal processing - I'm used to using a Carlsbro Minimix with just one FX send knob per channel, one send, one return socket and an FX return knob.
    Is there a block diagram which can help me or can some kind person spare a minute to explain in words of one sylable how to route the signals through an external prrocessor?
    Appreciate any help

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    So, what you'll want to do is run a cable from your AUX SEND 2 (labeled FX because it's post fader and you won't get odd echo-y voices when you turn down a mic) and put that into the input of your FX2000 then run stereo output from the FX2000 into the Stereo AUX return on the board (just to the left of the AUX output) The knob to control how much you hear is right above your level indicator and below the lcd display. There's a button for if you want it to go to straight to the main mix, or to the 1-2 sub mix instead.
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    Thank you for explaining that Brian - perfect.
    I'm presuming the upper FX knob for each channel is used only for pre-fader routing when the 'pre' button is depressed

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