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Thread: X32 Passed Muster for Tim McGraw

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    Cool X32 Passed Muster for Tim McGraw

    Hello X32 Peeps!

    Through a series of fortunate events last Friday, my X32/S16 system was used by the one and only Tim McGraw. The event was a private party in Park City, UT, in which Tim and his guitarist of Twenty years, Bob Minner, performed a special number before their regular tour gig later that evening in Salt Lake City.

    Minner, who setup Tim's monitor mix was especially impressed when I pulled out my iPhone to build he and Tim's monitor mix. "Now, that is really cool," he said.

    Comments after the performance were that everything sounded excellent on stage.

    That is all!
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    That's it!?!
    There gotta be more to this story.
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    Congratulations Andrew.
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    That's great Andrew, and welcome to the forum.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Henry More View Post
    That's it!?!
    There gotta be more to this story.
    The audience didn't have a clue that Tim was going to be there, so when he came out, it was a big surprise. I own the sound system and I am musical director/keyboardist for the country band that played there in addition to Tim. We tour with a dedicated engineer who did the FOH mixing for the gig.

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    Thanks, Paul.

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