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Thread: Sample rate drift

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    Sample rate drift

    Ok, 2 gigs with X32 and it seems great as a traditional foh desk (bar one annoying niggle which I posted about in the feature request thread).
    However, last night I attempted to record ~20 channels over usb with logic on a macbook pro. Seemed to work great initially but logic started throwing errors about unrecognised sample rate, reporting rates around the 40k mark. Significantly different to the intended 44.1k

    I'm assuming this is the X32 internal clock drifting? Is this a defect with my particular board?
    Am I just missing something?

    If I were to borrow a DL251 would the desk be clocked from that - proving or disproving my case?

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    Dear Joseph,

    did you try to record onto the internal HD of the Macbook? How have your audio settings been (Latency, seetings in the audio preferences)?

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    Ok, 4 more gigs, 15 more bands (including a 28 input 10 monitor mix jobby) and a series of flawless recordings.
    Seems I can't get this problem to show up again.
    Thanks for trying to help.
    As a side note which may be useful to someone, I am indeed recording to internal HD on a base model late 2011 macbook pro and seeing about 30% reported disk speed usage in logic. Buffer is set to maximum at 1024 samples. Apart from that initial show this is working great.

    Thanks again

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