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Thread: V-Amp Pro XLR out level low

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    V-Amp Pro XLR out level low


    I'm setting up a new rig for IEM, and go from my V-Amp Pro XLR out into a Motu 828mk3 analog in (not Mic, the regular ones 1-8). V-Amp is set to L2 mode, to get the good cab simulation. The Master Volume in that mode is disabled on the XLRs (which is actually good in this case, because it would change levels for everyones monitor ), however, the level is very low, I get around -40dB at the Motus IN. I have cranked up the Trim of the Motu, so I have a somewhat usable level, but no more reserves. Is there some way to change the XLR Out levels of the V-Amp? Maybe it's set to -10dBV or such, and I need to set it to +4dBV? Couldn't find anything in the manual...

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    Ben Obee
    Hi Lars,

    S1-S3 as this will give you a +4dBu operating level while L2 is set at -10dBu. Use the mic preamp on the MOTU if you don't want to change the configuration.

    Also, I'm sure you have already done this but check the input gain on the V-AMP to make sure you're getting a strong signal from that end.

    Kind Regards,

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    cool, thanks, gotta check that S3 setting... as far as I remember the only difference was the separate EQ? Don't need that anyway, the 828 also has lots of EQ

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