Recently i bought 2 # ada8000 converter to use as i/o on my second DDX3216.
The 4 units i already use on my first DDX3216 does do the job for many years without problems.
DDX3216 is master and the ada8000's must be set as slave but.....
the new one's (datacode 1203) wouldn't work in slave mode only as maser, when in slave mode there are many spikes at random times.
When i connect to the old one (datecode 0312) there are no problems.
Also one ada8000 as master connected to the other as slave (both datacode 1203) gives audio problems.
I send a mail to Music-Group Care on 06-07 and they promissed to contact me by the end of next business day but i'm still wayting for the answer...

Anyway my question is did someone has done these setting or simmular and noticed the master/slave problems with the new type ada8000 (you can recognize it on the new behringer logo).
Please let me know and if/how to solve the problem.