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Thread: My X32 repair story. A cautionary tale.

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    Unhappy My X32 repair story. A cautionary tale.

    I purchased the X32 in March to replace a Presonus 24.4. I was very impressed by the feature set and the price. I purchased the X32 along with an S16 and a full doghouse case. All in, the total price was a shade under $4K from a local trusted dealer. Things went well for the 1st month. A little difficulty in getting to know the board and a little more difficulty in getting the S16 to work properly but eventually, success and a happy A1 using the console for a long running musical stage production. But then it turned ugly...

    One day upon start up the board refused to output anything through the direct outs on the back panel even thought the configuration hadn't changed and all that had occurred was the passage of another day. No problem right? A few bugs is all. Call the dealer, call the local rep and do a factory reset on the board. Reload the show from the USB drive and we are working again. For about a day. Then this same thing starts to happen several times a day right in the middle of the show. This is not good news. Still trying to reach local Behringer rep who has assured local dealer of "Excellent support" for the X32. Multiple calls to voicemail and not a single one returned. I am now getting desperate. I need a replacement board NOW. My local dealer, Performance Audio in Salt Lake comes through in a pinch with a loaner borrowed from another customer and even delivers it to me. That's good service. Still not a word from Behringer. Calls to tech support are not returned. Local rep is MIA.

    We finally get an RMA number from Behringer via email and send off the board. At this point, 5 days later, the dealer finally gets a live person at Behringer who promises to replace the board with a brand new one in 2 days. 10 days go by and no replacement. Finally, a board arrives to the dealer. We unpack it and find that this is my same original board. It has apparently been repaired. We fire it up and it comes to life...for about a minute. Any manipulation of the controls immediately locks the panel, lights go out and it tries to restart. This is not good. I am not happy. Quick call to the dealer and email to Behringer produces another RMA number. This time they pay for shipping and off goes the board, again. I'm told now replacement boards are available so mine will need to be "repaired" again. But no problem I am assured. 1 day turnaround. 5 days later the board comes back. We open the box to find a completely different board. Someone else's repaired X32 and this one has some bonus screws rolling around inside it. But, we test it and it does work.

    So this is where I am today. Lost the use of the board for about three weeks in total. Had a load of frustration over not being able to get ANY response from local Behringer rep. and, more importantly, I have lost a lot of faith in this console. What do you think? Should I have expected better from Behringer or should I have been happy with the service I got. Any what about the long term reliability of X32? Your thoughts are appreciated and I would love to hear from someone at Behringer. I have had zero contact from anyone in customer service.

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    Dear Mark,

    I'm very sorry to hear about your BEHRINGER experience. Believe me when I say we will look into this situation. For you and everyone else seeking technical support, warranty issues, or parts for any of the MUSIC Group brands, you can call (702) 800-8290 or email

    You may also reach me directly at (702) 371-0830 and I'll assist in any way I can!

    Kind regards,
    Kind regards,

    Chase McKnight
    Jr. Admin, Care
    MUSIC Group

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    Mark's experience gives me pause.

    I am supposed to send in my X32 for a stuck Mute Group button replacement.

    Simple ... right? It should be field replaceable. But no. It has to trek across country to Las Vegas.

    In earlier correspondence with SeRita Covarrubias, she said it would be a two-day turn around.

    I really need for that to happen as I have shows scheduled.

    Unfortunately, I have not been able to contact SeRita to confirm and schedule the RMA.

    Looks like Chase is the go-to guy for repair issues.

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    Dear Bob,

    I received your email and can assure you we'll get the console sent/returned before your deadline. Se'Rita has been out of the office for a week but will return tomorrow. I'll call you tomorrow once I get the shipping details. You may call me anytime as well!

    Kind regards,
    Kind regards,

    Chase McKnight
    Jr. Admin, Care
    MUSIC Group

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    Thanks for your assistance, Chase.

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    It's always saddening to see when someone has a problem.
    From what I've seen - the problem/failure rate of the X32 isn't bad what so ever.
    When one looks back to when the Yamaha LS9 came out ... there were thousands of reported failures with shabby support.
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    Yes, chase is very competent. I had to send him a scene file where I was not getting output on channels 2-6. Within an hour I got a personal call tellinggme the exact problem (hardware inserts turned on for those channels). Good communication and the personal touch of a phone call was great!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Henry More View Post
    It's always saddening to see when someone has a problem.
    From what I've seen - the problem/failure rate of the X32 isn't bad what so ever.
    When one looks back to when the Yamaha LS9 came out ... there were thousands of reported failures with shabby support.
    Which is exactly what I am seeing with the new Soundcraft Expression Si. What amazes me is how this kind of sketchy product release is tolerated by the pro sound community simply because the brand is "Soundcraft". Had Behringer released the X32 in the same state as the current Expression Si, the "I told you so's" would have rang around the web for 10 years to come!

    I think that Soundcraft has completely botched their Si product release. They may well get things cleaned up in a few more firmware releases over the next year, but the out-the-gate experience has been pretty bad.

    I am waiting to see how well the Allen & Heath Qu - 16 does when it is introduced.

    I would say that the O1v96i has had nothing but good things said about its stability and durability.

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    The mode button on the EQ sticks on our board, but since that button is rarely used we'll live with it. No way can we afford to send our board in and for some reason not get it back for our next service.

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    Fiona Hammond
    Hi Bob,

    Sorry to hear that your X32's MODE button is sticking. While you say you can live with it, if it ever does become an issue for you do let us know so that we can arrange for a repair.

    Realistically, we aim for a turnaround of 10-14 days part-dependent, although the majority of repairs are performed well within that time margin.

    For now, you can alternatively access the filter modes by pressing the LAYER DOWN button three times when on the parametric EQ screen.

    Kind Regards,
    Fiona Hammond
    MUSIC Group

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