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Thread: New Video Topic?

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    New Video Topic?

    Just a question, could there be a video made using Smaart with the X32.
    Hookup etc? I enjoyed the Multirack one


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    Watch This Video! <--- click this link

    A great friend of mine just created this video on how he has his Smaart Setup and working with his X32 console.
    I am in the process of setting up my system with Smaart also, i just need to get my Mackie micro mixer back from a small gig.

    and since you are watching this video that he put together, go watch some of his others, so much knowledge on what you can do with the X32 console.

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    Drew's videos are very informative. I have learned a lot about the X32 from them.

    I would really like to add a Smaart rig to my system but have been putting it off hoping it will be included in a (near) future firmware update.
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    When the X32 gets VST plugin capability like the bigger consoles have, that's when they will include Smaart integration also. That's what I believe will happen!
    Yes the Presonus console has it, but its a very dumbed down version, and it does the job for it. When Behr did the Multirack video, they described it being setup using a proper computer for latency issues, but that's it, no need for external processing units or capture. Smaart works great with using a 96k recording usb interface for better results when all setup even on a slow computer, even setting it up on a Netbook will work great. Now Behr needs to get this U-PHORIA UMC204 out for sale so I can get one and a ECM8000 measurement mic for my setup using Smaart.

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    I read on another forum (a post from Uli) that the Smaart was potentially going to be included in firmware 2.0, but ETA towards the end of this year. Here's hoping.


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