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Thread: K1800fx signal from line out

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    K1800fx signal from line out

    When running a balanced cable from the left xlr line output on the back of the amp, my sound guy tells me that the signal is very strong, and peaks the meter, even when the gain fader on the mixer is set very low. Is there a way to attenuate that signal in order to allow us to use the output instead of miking the amp. I can't find anything in the manual on how to adjust the gain of that output signal.

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    Dear Rusell,
    The output from the XLR Line Output on the K1800FX is a “Line Level” output. Line Level signals are much hotter than signals from a microphone, which is what typically is plugged into XLR inputs on mixers. Since microphone signals are much lower than line level they typically require a fair amount of gain, which is why XLR inputs usually have a mic preamp stage to boost the signal. Many mixers have an input pad or a low enough gain setting to accommodate line-level sources on the XLR inputs. If this isn’t the case you might try to use a XLR > TRS input and feed one of the dedicated line inputs on the mixer, which will not have this extra gain stage. Alternatively, and for best results, you may consider using a Direct Box in-line between the XLR inputs on the mixer and the K1800FX line output. Many direct boxes feature a 20dB pad, which should knock the signal down enough to avoid clipping the mixer when feeding an XLR input with a mic preamp. An affordable solution from BEHRINGER would be the ULTRA-DI DI100 which features selectable pads of -20 or -40 dB. Hope it helps!

    John DiNicola
    Senior Specialist, Product Support
    MUSIC Group

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