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Thread: XUF card faulty

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    Dear Brian,

    I currently would suggest the following:

    - Try to change / rise up latency
    - Do not record on the internal HD, especially if you use a Macbook
    - Make sure your system HD has at least 15% free space

    In regards of the clock, with the new firmware there is only one possible setup for clock setting in the audio/midi setup now. So this should be not an issue.

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    The buffer size is maxed out at 2048. Both the console and Studio One are set to 44.1 kHz. The iMac is only 1 year old and there are over 800 GB of free space still available. I'm not sure what you mean by not recording on the internal hard drive. As far as I know the iMac has only one hard drive. Am I wrong about this? I've only been a Mac user for about a year.

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    Dear Brian,

    for the latency, does it get worse when you are at 256 or 512? Regarding my comment on the HD, expecially for laptops it is recommended to record rather on an external disc as the system always has to access the system disk and thus the writing speed for audio may be influenced. You may give it one try with an external disc for your iMac, too. Just to be sure we can eliminate this possible error.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael.Maeurer View Post
    Dear Chris,

    did you try to change latency when this happened?
    Hi Michael.

    Being a Mac and not having to install drivers etc, I can see no settings to adjust latency or anything similar.
    please point me in the right direction if you know where to do this.

    If you mean latency in a DAW I'm not using one. Just routing the macs system audio to the X-UF card.

    Is the X-UF upgrade going to fix the issue? I'm running FireWire but it does state that it fixes only a Mac USB issue so I suspect not.

    On the subject of recording on an external drive, this makes my problem worse. I originally had a LaCie Rugged FireWire drive in the FireWire chain. This makes the issue occur much more frequently and Behringer advised removing it which helped but didn't cure the issue. None of my other audio interfaces both FireWire and USB have a problem with this setup or with the LaCie Drive. So it has to be something to do with the X-UF and X32. My guess is its a clocking issue. What else could it be? It happens on both the FireWire and USB buses of the X-UF card.

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    Hi Chris,

    this is a bit strange... if you just route system audio to X-UF this should not happen. When this will happen next time, please change the i/o configuration on the X32 to one of the other options (Setup -> card -> configuration). Please check also if this only happens on all configurations or only on special ones.

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