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Thread: Using my PMP3000 for a "quiet" rehearsal....

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    Using my PMP3000 for a "quiet" rehearsal....

    We want to rehearse but have to be quiet in how we do it, we plug into a PMP3000

    2 guitarists, both using gdi21's
    bass just DI box
    keys...straight in
    drummer uses a Roland TD3
    vocals, beta 58s straight in

    here's the question. We don't want to run speakers and we also have a powerplay pro so we can all use headphones. I'm convinced that I read somewhere that in todays powered desks, you don't have to connect speakers that the circuitry "senses" there are none and protects the poweramp stage.

    I've searched online and in manuals but I can't get this confirmed...OR...denied...

    so before we risk our mixer...can it be done?

    thanks for your indulgence...

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    what?....not even any experts on here have the answer?

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    Ben Obee
    Hi Ian,

    Sorry for the delayed response! The PMP3000 doesn't require speakers to be connected when in operation so what you are hoping to do will be fine. Make sure to use the line level outputs on the face of the mixer of course. You could even use the MON SEND to create two independent mixes for the powerplay.

    Kind Regards,


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    thanks for that Ben, must investigate the independent mix scenario.


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