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Thread: S16 standalone, spiltter mode

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    S16 standalone, spiltter mode

    I would like to use my S16 standalone, for recording , and use the two Adat s/pdif output to my Laptop PC.
    So 16 channels total out digital.....and ... P16 as headphone monitor
    What do i need for that purpose......I can't find any Express34 card with 2 S/pdif ins ????
    USB/Firewire interface ??

    I could use my X32, and I will use X32 Core (when I get it !), but for now it would be much easier not to take my X32 out in the field. (A little bit heavy, up and down from 2. floor !!)

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    Super User Paul Vannatto's Avatar
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    Hi Joern,

    I'm not sure if you are going to find one. In fact the laptop expandability, outside of USB, is becoming a rarity. A couple of years ago I bought a small Phonic analog console with firewire out, thinking I could hook it to my laptop for remote recording. Well, subsequently that laptop went to my son and finally died. The replacement I got had no expansion ports (Expresscard or otherwise), other than USB. Since then I've noticed a trend of most laptops to USB only. Even if you could find such a card, I think you would be throwing good money away. Hopefully the Core and the Rack will be released in July as planned, and that would solve both our problems.


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    Hi Paul

    I think, you are right .....I must lean back, patently, and wait for my Core, then all my problems will be solved !
    I have TI-Firewire Express-card with my HP Probook 4730s, for my mobile recording.


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    Dear Joern,
    The S16 Digital Snake can work in stand-alone mode, sending the 16 inputs to the ADAT outputs and the ULTRANET port for P16 use as you describe. A USB/Firewire interface with two ADAT inputs (supporting 8-channels each at 44.1K/48K) would work for this application.
    Keep in mind that this is different from S/PDIF inputs/outputs which are typically 2-channel (stereo).

    Our FCA1616 interface has ADAT input, but just one.
    There are a number of other interfaces out there from other manufactures that have 2 or more ADAT inputs, but it is true there is a price jump to get to such interfaces. When searching, just remember to look for 2 banks of ADAT inputs.
    Hope it helps!

    John DiNicola
    Senior Specialist, Product Support
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    Hey John, that FC1616 would be difficult to squeeze into that Expresscard slot in his laptop, eh?


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    Ages ago I used to have a PCMCIA Card attached to my laptop and a RME INterface to work as an 24 Channel ADAT interface. It led 16 channels of the ADAT out of an Behringer DDX. Maybe you get one used item, for example this one:

    X32, MacBookPro 17 i7 Quad 2.2, Presonus Studio One Pro

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    Thank's for your reply.
    But I think, I'll wait for my X32 Core. Hopefully very soon !

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