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Thread: Recording problem with ALT 3-4 outputs

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    Recording problem with ALT 3-4 outputs

    Hi, I'm Fernando and I have a question related to the X1204 usb mixer.

    I was reading at the manual ant it says that the user can actually record 4 tracks simultaneously using
    for that purpose the ALT3-4 outputs,

    here's what the manual says: " ALT 3-4 OUTPUTS
    The ALT 3-4 outputs are unbalanced and carry the signals of the channels that
    you have assigned to this group using the MUTE switch. This can be used to route
    a subgroup to a further mixing console for example, or or it could be used as a
    recording output working in tandem with the main output. This means you could
    record to four tracks simultaneously. The icing on the cake, so to speak, is that
    you could connect Y-cables to these four outputs and then connect your 8-track
    recorder in such a way that you have 2 x 4 tracks (e.g. channel 1 feeds track 1 and
    track 2, etc.). In the first recording pass, you record on tracks 1, 3, 5 and 7 and in
    the second pass, on tracks 2, 4, 6 and 8."

    So I plug in my instruments in the 4 inputs and it works right, but now:
    How can I record those 4 tracks? I mean Which software do I need in order to record the 4 tracks?
    I'm using Audacity but it doesn't record the four outputs, and I think that's because I can't
    assign in it the channels I'm using.

    Then I tried with Garageband but when I got to choose the inputs it shows only 2 (input mono 1 and input mono 2)
    How can I assign those mute channels that come out of the ALT 3-4 outputs?

    Later I tried with Digital Performer and I had the same problem.

    Is there another software that could you recommend in order to accomplish what I want?
    or could you give me some instructions so I can set up right my software-hardware?

    Thanks a lot!

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    Ben Obee
    Hi Fernando,

    The issue here is that X1204USB only has the capability to output two channels via the USB. Now it is possible to use the mixer as mentioned with the Alt 3-4 outputs but using an external audio interface that has the capability of four channel simultaneous recording.

    Check out the FCA610 as a solution:

    You would connect the main outs into channels 1 & 2 and then connect the alt 3-4 outputs to channels 3 & 4 on the new audio interface.

    Sorry for the confusion there. Hope that helps.


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