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Thread: UPS shopping, what to look for?

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    UPS shopping, what to look for?

    I understand that for live use the X32 would benefit from the addition of a UPS. This is especially appropriate where I work, as power fluctuations are commonplace.

    However, I am unsure what I need to look for in a UPS. I am thinking that I will run all of FOH through the UPS, so that includes the X32, CD player, wireless router, computer and probably a few small devices (e.g. phone charger, fan, light, wireless mic receiver)

    I'm in Europe so we are supposed to be on 230V power (although it's generally less).

    Any recommendations for sizing the UPS, or specific UPS recommendations would be most welcome.

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    Hey Guys!!! I am interested in this as well! Speak up! LOL I have heard that APC UPS's are good. I just need to know how big I need to go. I am in the USA though...

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    Hi Neil and Billy
    the X32 sucks 120Watts. Looking at UPS you have to be aware of a few things:
    There are 2 different kinds of UPS devices - online or offline. Both units have a battery inside, which in case of power issue will kick in and gives you a few minutes to save the desk settings and turn it off. The difference is - in a offline UPS the battery is not in the active power line to the X32, it only kicks in if need will be, there for it will be charged as soon the UPS is powered up.
    In an online device the battery is permanently in the active circuit - power from the outlet runs into the battery - output from the battery runs the X32. Both units offline or online UPS normally have also a power conditioner circuit to protect the gear from surge spikes or power fluctuation. Lets talk about the Watts: As I mentioned in the beginning, the X32 sucks 120Watts, the S16 sucks 45Watts, an fan or heater can easily suck 1000 to 2000Watts. So no good idea to run that over your UPS - you would need a huge heavy device with extreme expensive battery. Any UPS will give you in the spects a backup time or diagram where you can find the exact time at which load. To stay with the 120W that an X32 sucks - a small 300W office UPS will run app. on 50% load with X32 and there for give you app 5 to 10 minutes backup time before the battery is down.
    Think about all this - rethink your main purpose for the UPS. If you live in a country with stable power lines like me ( Germany) so main purpose of a UPS is surge protection and in case of power failure have enough time to save my board settings an turn off the desk until power failure is solved.
    If you live in a county with a lot of power fluctuation your main goal is the same, but you will focus more on an advanced power conditioner circuit, and maybe choose at bigger device to have some extra headroom in regards of load/ backup time ratio.
    In any case an UPS only gives you just a little extra safety to store your settings - you never will be able to run a show off a UPS.
    I have 2 little 300Watts office UPS - one on stage for two S16 and one on FOH for the X32. Nothing else is connected to the UPS.
    Hope this helps. regards, Till
    Till Erb *Audio Service*

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    Thanks Till, very helpful.

    One question that I now have, how do we understand the power conditioning of one device compared to another. Is this simply a case of buying a reputable brand (like APC), or are there any specifications to look for?

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    Hi Neil
    the most important feature is the transfer time ( time the battery needs to take over ) - it should be below 20 milliseconds. The battery should be replaceable . The range of input voltage should be 90-145 VAC, if your country runs on 110V or 180-270VAC if you run on 230V. If you pick a known brand like APC or EATON you should be good. They booth have models in the range of 600VA and above which is more or less the smallest unit you should pick for the X32 or 2xS16. It is good practice to have some headroom in terms of power load. As I wrote earlier - 300Watt unit is good for one X32 or 2 S16s.
    Hope this helps. Regards, Till
    Till Erb *Audio Service*

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    I was thinking along these lines as well today.
    More or less with the thoughts in mind of a brown out and how that would effect the X32.
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    Only for your informations,
    I have ups APC ES400, and with connected X32, 2x S16, 1xDI800, mp3 player NUMARK MP103 and wifi router, after disconecting power, I have time 8min 30sec to power off. Ups is with power conditioner and protect.
    Charging time from empty to full battery is 16 hours.

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    I have a
    Smart-UPS 750VA Rackmount 2U with LCD (120V)
    that I got for $358.44 from with free shipping.

    It is mounted in a 4 space rack with a DBX PX signal processor and a Netgear wireless router.

    I typically have plugged into it:
    DBX PX
    Wireless Router
    Mac Book Pro
    Wi Wireless Receiver for iPhone for break music
    Extra iPad and separate iPhone chargers

    And if the band I am running for has any computers for sequencing, etc. I let them plug into it also.

    With all of that it runs with less than a 25% load. If power is lost it will keep all of that up for about 30 minutes. But you mainly want it to keep all of the electronics up through momentary power hits.

    I have been very happy with it.

    Dan Haynes
    X32, Two X32 Racks, dbx PA+, MacBook Pro, 2 iPad's (1 sound, 1 lights). Yorkville LS2100P, NX750P.

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    I have an APC UPS PRO USV BR550GI (550VA / 330W) and it says it could power the x32 for about 18-20 minutes.

    I also use it as a power conditioner mainly (although it gives me a lot more confidence for those "only one AC socket in the dressing room down the hall" type of scenarios )

    I've tried manually unplugging the UPS many times, and the x32 never crashed once. So the "switch time" should be fine. I tried the very same thing with a different desk connected to it, and it shut down immediately.

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