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Thread: Eurolight LC2412 - Flash Cards?

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    Eurolight LC2412 - Flash Cards?

    The manual for the desk says it uses ATA 4MB flash cards. This is a new controller, but 4MB flash cards are pretty old tech. If I use a new card, say a 2GB, will it work? I understand the desk uses its own file table, so it won't go back and forth between the controller and a PC, which is fine. Just need to save programming from the desk on something, and the media it states in the manual is way out of date, even though the console is new.

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    I am using 256MB card, previous card was 2GB CF in adapter, both working fine.

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    Dear Ian,

    Jiri is correct, you have a few selections that are compatible. A 2GB flash card is going to work very well!

    Kind Regards,
    Zac Ross
    Jr. Admin, CARE
    MUSIC Group US

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