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Thread: Call for opinions on Behringer iS202 iStudio

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    Call for opinions on Behringer iS202 iStudio

    Hi fellows,

    If there are any (presumably) happy owners of the new iStudio for iPad, please share your first-hand experience.

    In particular, it would be interesting to know what you think about the build quality. The iStudio is advertised as an "exceptionally robust", but the one I have feels a little too loose when used with iPad 2 and the additional adapter tray. The iPad does not sit in the dock as firmly as I would have expected.

    What could you say based on your experience?


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    Lovin' mine. Using it with iPad 2 and FCB1010. Running Loopy HD, Amplitube, SampleTank, Thor and Audiobus. Everything is working great. I run the iS202 through 2 channels of an Allen & Heath ZED FX 12. Took a minute to get all the levels tweaked out but it sounds great now. Running through cheap Monoprice studio mons for now but looking to get one of the Bose L1 series PAs soon.

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    Loose fitting IS202

    I had the same problem with loose fitting IPAD2. I had to take out the tray connect up the IPAD and jam the tray back in to try and hold it in- it still doesn't connect very well. It is not a great fix. I also bought a 30-pin cable extender but this only worked intermittently! It's a real pity as the unit when it works, works well I will return it as I'm sure the connector will eventually break!

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    I have the iPad 2 as well and wanting to know if you too, have problem even when using the iPad 2 adapter enclosed to keep it connected to 30 pin connector? It's simply loose...too loose and I really want to like this but wondering if you or anyone has had to place a piece of type of cardboard that's say on bottom of a pad of paper to make it more secure? Thanks.

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    Using iS2020 with iPad 2 joss 7.
    My thoughts

    1. The iPad 2 adapter does not fix the iPad good enough. You can move iPad inside the iS202 about 5mm up and down and also couple of mm-s vertically. The vertical movement can be fixed with a little rubber or felt buttons clued under the iPad2 adapter.

    2. There is some strange digital crackling when i run whatever music app that has software monitoring - sampletank, animo, FL studio. Only the audio playback does not have this crackling. The noise is loud enough so I can't use iS202 in live !!! Only way is to connect a cable to iPad phones out while it is connected to iS202. Very frustrating.
    You can hear the crackling here :
    Good thing is - the crackling will not be in the final recording, when you export it. So the problem is in the output buffer of iS202.

    3. I really like the knobs in front panel, but they are too plastic.

    4. I really hate the Monitor button ! It's pointless and disturbing. When I turn it left, i hear the direct input signal, but not the iPad. When I turn it right, i hear the iPad, but not the input signal. When I set to 50/50, both signals are so quiet, that it's useless.
    Only way is to use software monitoring,but it has a slight delay. Not very annoying, but still You get sort of chorus effect for the signal.
    Instead of this knob, there should be iPad volume knob and input volume knob, so you can turn up both levels to make the mix you need. OR in 50/50 with the MONITOR knob, both levels should be on max level, not faded.

    5. Input sensitivity or HEADROOM is very bad. I use Shure Beta 58 and AKG D5 dynamic microphones and t.bone tube condenser microphone and even if the gain knob is turned all the way downs (so the signal you hear in direct mix is very low) you peak to red very easily ! The same is when you connect line level signal with TRS connectors - I use my Roland Juno Stage Line Out to TRS inputs 1 & 2 of iS202 and I have to turn the output level of my k-board to about 75% or less not to peak to red !

    6. Output level of headphones is too quiet. If you connect professional headphones to iS202, the output level is much quieter than connecting the same phones directly to iPad !

    Is there anything i like about it ? Yes, the overall build quality, the conception, the feel and the look ! I'm not sure, can Behringer fix some of these problems with firmware update or are they hardware based. Mostly the crackling problem and the input headroom.

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