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Thread: DJ Live! Webinar CMD with Ableton 9

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    DJ Live! Webinar CMD with Ableton 9

    "DJ Live! BEHRINGER CMD Controllers with Ableton 9"
    Tues. May 7th 12:00pm PDT
    Sign up at:

    Ableton Live 9 is one of the hottest new Digital Audio Workstations. We'll explore different ways to integrate the BEHRINGER CMD controllers with your Ableton 9 workflow, sound design, song creation and arrangement.
    Andrew Luck
    Specialist, Product Support DJ US
    MUSIC-Group US

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    Webinar Recordings Available?

    Do you have an archive of the previous webinars??

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    Dear Hugh,

    This original post was from almost a year ago and I'm not sure if it specifically was recorded, but we do have previous webinars available on our Youtube Channel, so please feel free to check there:

    Best regards,
    Sean Fairchild
    Specialist, Channel Marketing Prosumer Division
    MUSIC Group

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    Thanks for that info. I believe I reached out to Andrew back when he scheduled the webinars but never heard anything in regards of any recordings.

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