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Thread: XControl lag problem

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    XControl lag problem


    I have a VAIO pcg - 21311u Laptop, (Intel Atom CPU N470 (1.83GHz) 2GB RAM) running Windows XP SP2

    I run Xcontrol directly connected from the X32, I mean connecting from the console RJ45 to the laptop RJ45, via network cable
    (I'm not using a router)

    Putting an fixed IP to a VAIO, I can connect both devices easily.

    The problem is, meanwhile the time in use pass, the Xcontrol response its progressively degenerates, Up to becoming totally unusable.

    Anyone knows about this problem? any advice?


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    I just notice this on my old IMB T60 (XP) notebook, but only with the meters. There is a build up in lag over the time, but the rest of the programm works like it should. Maybe it its a CPU thing. Never saw that on my i7 MacBookPro.

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    I hope that Behringer support can give me some tips....

    PDT: the Xcontrol is the only program running in the laptop, even no anti-virus installed..

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    Super User Paul Vannatto's Avatar
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    Hi Michael,

    Wish I could help. I do remember someone posting that they were able to run the XControl on an Acer netbook along with recording a number of tracks concurrently during a show, with no hesitation whatsoever. I have a friend that is going to loan me his netbook to try it out with the XControl. But until that, I'm not sure if I can help much. Odd that you have nothing else running, but you have degradation of performance over time.


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    No one of behringer crew can give me support??

    Or maybe contact me with the Xcontrol developers?

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    Fiona Hammond
    Dear Michael,

    While we will note your computer specs and pass them on to our software team, we are unable to offer you in-depth software support pertaining to your particular computer. When using your computer for audio purposes it is always recommended to disable unnecessary apps and processes.

    Sorry that I personally cannot help you further with this matter.

    Kind Regards,
    Fiona Hammond
    MUSIC Group

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    Dear Michael,

    you may also get into your Performance Settings and set them to "full performance" so the computer is not in any power saving mode or be allowed to get into one after some time.

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    I have formatted the computer and have installed w7 ultimate, and download all windows updates.
    No anti-virus running, all settings in full performance and the same thing, Xcontrol totally unusable

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    Dear Michael,

    have you been able or would you be able to test it also with another computer?

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    Hi Paul -- it was myself using the netbook and recording at the same time. The xcontrol does slow slightly whilst im recording, but given im recording up to 32 channels as well as running x control on a netbook -- a little lag is not a problem at all. Its not mega slow (probably a delay of less than 250mS whilst recording at the same time). With no recording running, i get no lag at all


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