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Thread: Track after Track recording through USB X1622 in Sonar X2

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    Track after Track recording through USB X1622 in Sonar X2

    Hello Behringer-users,

    I am totally new to the world of mixers and DAW. I bought myself a X1622USB mixer, an Edirol/Roland MA-15D active monitorspeakerset and a whole bunch of cables to connect the audio of my Roland and Yamaha to the mixer. The main output of the mixer goes to the line-in of the Edirol speakers. So far so good.

    I understand, that the USB Audio-interface of the mixer sends only 2-channel audio to my computer, so multitrack recording with USB is a no-go. I can live with that.

    In a few other threads i've read a bit of the same of the question i have:
    Example: i want to create a song in Sonar X2 with 16 audio tracks. First track that i want to record is a baseline.
    After finishing the recording of the baseline in track 1 i want to switch in Sonar to track 2 to record a string-track. And so on, 'till i got 16 different tracks.

    Can i record track 2, while simultaniously hearing the recorded audio of track 1, mixed with the (in this case) sound of the strings? If so, can they only be heared through headphones or should i connect the Edirol speaker to the SUB 1-2 outputs instead of the MAIN Output and thus hearing the mixed sounds?
    What is the difference between connecting the Endirols to the sub-out or to the main out?

    I've somewhere here, that the red 2-TR/USB has to be pressed down and the 2-TR/USB to Main has to be left up. What (and when) is that 2-TR/USB to Main button used then?

    I've included a schematic on how all is connected at the moment.

    Please advice me if i am forgetting something in connecting all.
    behringer setup A4.jpg

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    Hmmmm, is my question too obvious, too difficult or are all the experts on a long term vacation?

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    Dear Harry,

    You should connect your speakers to the CTRL ROOM out jacks on the back of the X1622USB. This is because your "Main Mix" is what is going through the USB to your computer. This separate control room output allows you to assign your USB playback to the control room signal path only, so that when you are overdubbing tracks as you describe you are able to monitor from USB without re-recording that signal along with your new track into the computer.
    With your speakers connected to the control room outs, engage the 2-TR/USB button that has an arrow to the PHONES / CTRL ROOM volume knob to monitor your computer's playback. If you also want to monitor the track you are recording, also engage the MAIN MIX button.

    The 2-TR/USB to Main option is useful for a live situation where your speakers would be connected to the Main Outputs. This would allow you to playback music from your computer to the main speakers.

    Hope this helps!

    John DiNicola
    Senior Specialist, Product Support
    MUSIC Group

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    Hello John,

    Thank you for the clear answer. I'll give it a try tomorrow. Perhaps it would be a good thing for the guys on user-manual editing department to try writing a more newbee-level manual? This way you don;t have to keep answering the same issues over and over again. Thanks for the help so far.


    Harry Cats
    The Netherlands

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