I've been watching the bus and dca, matric webinar but I have some conserns.

1. I have created a stereo sub buss for all drum channels on bus 9 and 10.
The reason for this is that I wanne be able to insert internal effect(compressor/wave) on all of my drums, on the sub bus. I have routed the drums the this sub grups but it sounds kind og strange. It sounds like the drums are "out of phase " When i lover the masterfaders on the sub groups 9 -10 I still get drumsound. How do i route drum channels to only go to sub grups and from there to main left and right ?

2 I have a BBE Sonic Maximizer external device that I wanne use as a insert trough aux 1-2. I wanne insert to main bus, left and right. My routing is right because I do get get a lexicon 200 device to work fine inserted into a mono input channel. Why am I getting a strange sound inserting BBE to main left and right bus