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Thread: Input Gain Level

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    Input Gain Level

    I have a V-Amp 3 and wonder which is the best generic setting for the input gain.
    At the moment it's at 12 o clock position on the gain knob LEDS.
    I don't want to keep changing this gain all the time as it'll get confusing when using different patches.
    I wonder if anyone has got good results for a certain input gain value ?

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    Where it should be depends on the output of your pickups, and the tone you're going for. For example, single coils will need a higher gain setting to get a similar tone to humbuckers.

    The setting isn't universal through all your patches, it's set individually for each one if I'm not mistaken. The amp simulation changes the characteristics with distortion/tone depending on what model is selected.
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    Thanks Brian
    I see what you mean now.It's a pity there isn't an input gain indicator so that you don't have to go into set up mode to check the input gain.

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