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Thread: Motorized Fader Failure

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    As an update, the desk has been replaced within three days.
    Support from the local distributor in Italy (Proel), was swift and straightforward.
    Tomorrow we'll have a second dry run with the new desk.
    Keeping the community posted.

    World Music Studio

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    A Behringer Dealer told me that he had heard of several motorized fader failures and so he explored further and found that when you remove the circuit board that the faders are mounted on, the belt can be slipped back on quite easily. And that the little white gear on the fader motor appears to not have been pushed down all of the way. He said that if the gear is pushed down until it almost touches the head of an adjacent screw that the belt will ride on the top of that screw and cannot come back off in the future. He said that he was going to report this to Behringer and that it appeared to be a manufacturing flaw. Since it appears to be happening a lot, I hope that he did that.

    I asked him about calibrating the fader and he said that the fader calibration appears to be based on the fader attenuation and that the fader should be self calibrating.
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    You are right. The fader Problem is a known Problem at behringer.

    I had the Same Issue, they told me, Problem can! But Not will occure with faders produced before fall 2012. In fall 2012 they changed the manufacturing process.

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