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Thread: New X32 model release dates

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    New X32 model release dates

    I have been following these (thinking about the producer).

    From here:

    The X32 Compact should be in stores by the end of June to the beginning of July (shipping 6 weeks earlier according to this video). The Producer will be "4-6 weeks later" (End of July to middle of August). The other models (core and rack) will fit between these times.

    X32 Compact - $2500.00

    X32 Producer - $2000.00

    X32 Rack - $1500.00

    X32 Core - $1000.00

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    Thanks Scott, very nice find.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul Vannatto View Post
    Thanks Scott, very nice find.

    Thanks Paul.

    I haven't heard anyone dispute these dates yet, so I think they may actually be factual (they should know by now with some accuracy when they will be shipping product). Lets hope that this is the case

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    You would think that the compact would be lower in price.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Henry More View Post
    You would think that the compact would be lower in price.
    Well... I thought that too, but then again, there has to be a price difference between the various levels of products.

    X32 32 channel $3K
    X32 16 channel $2.5K
    X32 Producer 2K (lose scribble strips and some controls, but is rack mountable)
    X32 Rack 1.5K (lose control surface)
    X32 core 1K (no I/O just processing)

    I think that it would be tough if they lowered the price on the Compact to keep the prices on the Producer and other members of the family in a profitable range.

    Pricing is generally done by value in the market vs cost of the product

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