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Thread: BEHRINGER Tech Talk #03: Subgroups and DCAs

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tim Padrick View Post
    Here's a nifty use for DCAs "coupled with" groups:
    Thanks Tim,

    Dave Rat has a lot of very interesting youtube instruction videos that are worth watching. I've even subscribed to his channel and periodically check to see if he's added any new ones.


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    Quote Originally Posted by John DiNicola View Post
    Hi Guys,
    Thank you Paul for the kind words on the Webinars, I hope you can both make it on Thursday. One correction on the time, this Thursday's Webinar is actually scheduled for 10AM PST.

    Thomas: While Paul is correct that you cannot send mix buses directly to other mix buses, there is a workaround IF you have a pair of extra input or AUX channels available. Select a channel/aux and press the VIEW button near the CONFIG/PREAMP section of the channel strip, which brings you to the "config" page for that channel. Here, you can use the 3rd rotary encoder to select the source for this channel. As you scroll through the options, you will notice that you can choose any of the 16 buses as a source for a channel. Select the bus that contains your drum group for the source. This creates a virtual patch from the output of the selected mix bus to the input of the channel. With the signal now on an input channel, you can send it to another mix bus for a monitor mix.
    *NOTE: By default, all input channels are assigned to the STEREO BUS. You will want to make sure that the channels you are using for this are not going to the stereo bus along with your drum group.

    Hope it helps!

    John DiNicola
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    On the new X32 compact, producer, rack, core....can we use inputs 17-32 for this type of purpose?

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    Yes Steve, you should be able to use those channels for that purpose. The Compact, Producer, Rack and Core all have the same virtual functionality of the X32 console. It really is a nifty trick/feature.


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    I'll say!

    Basically I can envision doing the method explained by Dave Rat. Assign various drum mics to a stereo subgroup, instruments to a subgroup, vocals to a subgroup. Turn off LR out for pretty much everything on 1-16. Then mix the subgroups to LR using 17-32 with light compression on each of those subgroups. That still leaves me all the options to route any of the direct channels or subgroups to P16 and/or various mix busses for monitor outs....and still haven't had to touch the matrix thing... Likewise can setup some DCA's as Dave suggested.

    Anyone know if this creates any more latency by running back through the digital signal path again?

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    Yes, that Dave Rat setup sounds very intriguing. But the way I see it, it would eat up mixbusses and channels pretty quick. As long as they aren't needed for other tasks (monitor mixes, etc.), you should be able to do it. Regarding the question of latency, there was a thread awhile ago that discussed that, and the conclusion was that the end result was still less than 1 ms (can't remember the exact value), as long as the signal stays within the X32.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve Schow View Post
    Turn off LR out for pretty much everything on 1-16. Then mix the subgroups to LR using 17-32 with light compression on each of those subgroups.
    I'm not sure that I understand this part. Why would you want to route the subs back into 17-32?

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    For one thing, so that I can use the subgroups for mixing monitor mixes on other mixbusses.

    But also its a nice way to operate so that the group faders can be left on DCA's, the 1-16 faders are for adjusting each mic (ie, the fine tune mix), and 17-32 faders are used for the overall mix, to adjust the level of each subgroup there instead of on the mixbus itself......where the Dave Rat trick is hopefully automixing things more or less. Strictly speaking, his subgroup trick does not have to go back through 17-32, UNLESS you want to use those subgroups to feed monitor mixes or apply send FX per subgroup. But I just also like the mode of operation for the fader banks I mentioned above also.

    Agree Paul it uses up mixbusses pretty quick. I like the idea of using 3 stereo subgroups: drums, instruments, vocals. That still leaves plenty of mix busses left for other tasks it seems to me.

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    Ok, I understand.

    When my x32rack shows up I intend to use it for monitor duties. I'm using the dave rat technique at times with my x32, but I have an issue with too few monitor mixes

    With the rack that won't be a problem anymore.

    I'm really hoping that behringer is working on some integration solution for the x32 series. That would be so cool!

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    yea.. Our band will use the X32 for either/or. When we have to use house provided FOH, then we'll use the X32Rack as monitor/stage mixer. For smaller venues we'll run both FOH and mons through it. In our cases, the people using IEM's will probably use P16m's. A few wedges are still on stage, but there are plenty of mixbusses left for that.

    Just curious Robert, how are you using all 16 mixbusses right now?

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    1 cymbals
    2 toms
    3 kick/snare
    4 bass
    5 guitars/keys
    6 vox
    7 all channels faders (pushing into bus compressors)
    8 all bus faders (level to main mix)

    With 7&8 you control how hard or soft your mix is going to be. Pretty cool

    1/2 cymbals
    3/4 toms
    5 kick/snare
    6 bass
    7/8 guitars/keys
    9/10 vox
    11 monitor 1
    12 monitor 2
    13/14/15/16 fx-sends (can steal one for monitors if needed)
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