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Thread: USB out on Q1202USB

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    USB out on Q1202USB

    I have a new Q1202USB that I am having probs with. My setup is:

    Music Source
    Virtual DJ Pro to Q1202USB via USB...I have selected the USB Audio Codec as the master out in Virtual DJ Pro settings and the laptops Realtek High Def Audio (laptops 3.5mm socket) as the phones

    Mixer Hookup
    Adding vocals to the music from Virtual DJ Pro with two mics on the Q1202USB and sending back to Audacity via USB. Main out from the mixer is to a PA system. Control room from the mixer is to a high end power amp and monitors

    Have selected USB Audio Codec as the Line in Audacity. Also have a Diamond USB 7.1 external unit connected to the laptop. I can select the Diamond's line in as source in Audacity

    Everything works fine except for one issue, there is no signal in Audacity when USB Audio Codec is selected as source. There is no signal in Audacity when the Diamond's line in is selected and the Q1202USB is hooked up with RCA to the 3.5mm line in on the Diamond

    The only way Audacity will receive a signal is if I hook up main out on the Q1202USB to the line in on the Diamond and deselect the To phones/ctrl rm button on the mixer. Is the Q1202USB not capable of simultaneous 2 way coms with the laptop via USB? Or have I set it up incorrectly. I do not have anything plugged into the RCA out on the mixer when trying to use the USB out and have tried combinations of the USB buttons on the mixer......please help

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    Dear Jon,

    Locate the USB/2-TK parameter. Here you will find two switches: TO MAIN MIX and TO PHONES/CTRL RM. TO MAIN MIX must be depressed when you are trying to record. Use TO PHONES / CTRL RM (connected headphones to phones outputs) if you would like to monitor while recording.

    Kind Regards,
    Zac Ross
    Jr. Admin, Tech Support
    MUSIC Group US

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