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Thread: v-amp 2 and bass guitar

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    v-amp 2 and bass guitar

    I have a v-amp 2 and was wondering if I could use a bass guitar with it. I love my v-amp2.

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    Fiona Hammond
    Hi Mike,

    Sure you can use your bass with the V-AMP 2! You may find the presets and effects are not catered for the frequency range of the bass guitar signal and may not translate well resulting in a loss of low-end, particularly with distortion presets, but you can certainly use it if you wish.

    V-AMP2 Product Page:
    V-AMP Download page:
    V-AMP Tone Library:

    For the record, we also produce a BASS V-AMP:

    Kind Regards,
    Fiona Hammond
    MUSIC Group
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