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    Evan Hooton


    Hello everyone,

    In this thread, I will be posting a series of discussions that we call "Tech Talks". These posts will hopefully be useful for you as I talk about everything from specific functions and features of BEHRINGER products or more technical topics that have to do with running sound or setting up a sound system in your House of Worship. If there is a certain topic that you would like to see discussed, please feel free to post on this thread of send me a personal message through the BEHRINGER forum.


    Evan Hooton
    Specialist, Product Support HOW
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    Sorry to see there hasn't been much activity in this particular thread.

    We recently received our new X32 for a small/medium church. We are replacing a DDA analog board, and since all of us sound techs are volunteers, and none of us have other experience with running sound, I particularly would love to see some tech talks about:
    1. Best way to set up the X32 so that non-experts can use it.
    2. Easy to follow "basic" user instructions for people who just need to turn it on and get a couple mics up - like for a simple funeral service or wedding, where there might not be anyone at the console.
    3. Some typical configurations for HOW settings

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    Hi Kevin, I have the same questions as you seem to have. I have my board up and running a bunch of mics and some instruments, but teh documentation I have found for the mixer is geared toward people who have a higher understanding of the workings of a digital board, I would love to see an 'idiots guide to the x32'.

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    Super User Paul Vannatto's Avatar
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    Hi Kevin and Kory,

    Sorry we haven't responded. I just saw this thread being used (its been dormant for so long). Maybe we can get momentum going here like with the X32 section.

    I joined the forum almost a year ago, simply because I knew I needed to learn (or re-learn) how to best do sound on this console. I agree that the manual doesn't help much for someone new to this platform. But there is a lot of great info here and the members are very helpful in answering questions, etc. I would suggest encouraging the other volunteers to join and participate.

    There are also a number excellent YouTube instructional videos available. Just search for "Behringer X32". Behringer has its own channel that can be subscribed to with both short 3-5 minute videos as well as most of the past webinars. There is also another church sound tech (Drew somebody) who makes excellent X32 instructional videos.

    Also, over at the, there are a number of us working on a X32 Wiki. It is in it's infancy but part of the manual is there, plus a section of How To, etc are there ready to be populated.


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    Dear Kevin and Kory,

    Would either of you mind sharing what your current situations in your facilities are like? How many inputs for a typical service do you use? What does your input list for channels currently look like? Getting some general details about what is currently in your system would be great to start talking about some typical configurations.

    Evan Hooton
    Specialist, Product Support

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    Im travelling right now, but I'll be happy to give you that info when I get in. Would it be possible for me to upload a scene file that shows how I plan to set it up? From another thread I think I have a viable setup, but feedback is still welcome.

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    If I may I will chime in with our scenario:

    we are still waiting for the 'guy who said he could get us one' to show up with the X32. That aside our setup is this:

    Mono cluster mains, flown, in a sanctinasium. One monitor mix on the stage, another available BUT we went to P16's about a year ago so no instrument amps on the stage. A drum room on the stage, with roof. All drums mic'ed and submixed through my Yamaha o1V down to three drums channels, kick, snare and toms/overheads. Our input list is pretty much our P16 list: Kick, drums, bass, acoustic gtr, lead gtr, rhythm gtr, 2 keyboards (mono), three singers, click track, loops/trax and pastor. The trax channel is really a subgroup for loops from the stage if we use them, music from the computer and CD player.

    Since I don't have the X32 yet I have configured all in X32 Edit. I can post that if you want. My config does not use DCA's but does use the first eight busses as subgroups, vox, gtrs, bass, keys, drums, click-talkback and trax. I did this to emulate our old mixer which just had 4 subgroups. I wanted the functionality of dynamics and efx on the subgroups.

    We have six wireless mics available which I will plug into inputs 27-32, those are local to the mixer as well as aux inputs from pc, ipod, cd. The rest will be direct from the stage 1-26.

    Busses 9,10,11, and 12 will be floor monitors 1, floor monitors 2, an additional hot spot monitor driven by trs and recording to pc.

    Our 70v distributed system is driven from the matrix, it's pretty much just l/r.

    We have kept intact the following: copper snake to stage, in conduits. White EQ's and QSC amps for mains, monitors and 70v systems.

    That's it - fire away with questions, suggestions or darts..... your choice.

    Thanks for reading.

    Pete Hanratty
    Gahanna, Ohio

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    What output are you sending to the mains? We also have a mono cluster. I was planning on sending the LR to a matrix mix, then send that out to the mains.
    BTW, small world. I'm in Dayton, and my sister lives in Gahanna.

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    Just using analog out 15, 16 is not used in our setup. Right now I don't see a need to send the R anywhere. All subgroups and other assignments are centered on L/R. The only reason I didn't use 16 to go to our 70V system is that I didn't want that output to vary with our FOH.


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    Hey Pete,

    Hope you don't mind me butting in here. But the snag with just sending the L to the FOH is if someone decides to fiddle with the panning of any of the channels and changes one or more hard R, you won't be getting that signal to FOH. And it will be a "challenge" troubleshooting. Adding a single matrix to the path will sum L and R, so that it won't matter what happens to the panning. Just a thought.


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