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Thread: Behringer UMA25s Controller Data range only from 1-127 but not 0

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    Behringer UMA25s Controller Data range only from 1-127 but not 0

    I do have a problem with my Behringer UMA25s which i've bought 2nd hand.
    all controller knobs and slider go only from 1-127 range. it's not possible to tweak the knobs to 0. which makes it hard or impossible to use and program.

    does anyone know this problem and how it could get fixed?

    thanks for any answer in advance.

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    Dear John,

    Let's see if a factory reset will help this situation:

    1. Press the EDIT/EXIT and MUTE push buttons together. The display shows "GLb" (for Global Mode).

    2. Turn the E14 rotary knob. The display shows "FAC" (for Factory Reset).

    3. Press the ENTER key to confirm.

    Kind Regards,

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    Thanks for your answer. unfortunately it doesn't fix the problem. have tried that several times before.
    i was hoping for a firmware upgrade or something similar but i haven't found any.
    it's quite strange and i think it's probably a software failure. just weird because everything else is working fine.

    any other idea what it could be or how it could get fixed?
    thanks anway for your help!

    best regards

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    Dear John,

    Are you referencing values from the keyboard itself or from your software? What software are you suing?

    Did the keyboard ever display the wanted values?

    Kind Regards,
    Zac Ross
    Jr. Admin, Tech Support
    MUSIC Group

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    Dear Zac,
    thanks very much for your answer.
    it's from the keyboard itself. it doesn't matter if i'm trying it on the keyboard itself or connected on a mac using logic or connect to a PC using cubase. have tried all of them and the problem occurs everywhere.

    well, when i turn the knobs very fast and hard from right to left it sometimes reaches the value 0 but only around once on ten times trying.

    i bought the keyboard 2nd hand from a good friend of mine. unfortunately he only used the keyboard to trigger some hardware synths and he actually never really used the knobs. only pitch and modwheel and there's no problem on both wheels. so i cannot really say, if those problems happened before also the keyboard is already out of warranty

    have had other controller keyboards before but never had such a weird problem.

    really hope you can help me finding a solution to fix that problem.

    many thanks and best regards.

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    Dear John,

    I am going to recommend that you have the controller serviced. Use the link below for a complete list of service centers:

    You can also contact CARE by phone at (1) 702-800-8290 for the US and Canada and (44) 1562 732290 in Europe or via email at

    Kind Regards,
    Zac Ross
    Jr. Admin, Tech Support
    MUSIC Group US

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    Hi Zac,
    thanks very much for your replay and your help again.
    i've contacted 3 weeks ago and several times but didn't get an answer at all. i've also tried to contact behringer support in germany but also no answer at all.
    this is the first time i've spent some money for a product and the company/support didn't answer at all. unfortunately it doesn't seems to be the first time as i've seen on other forums.
    it looks like that this forum is the only way to get an answer or support from behringer at all. however your support was great, so thanks very much again!
    meanwhile i've bought a controller keyboard from another company which perfectly works and i've sold the faulty behringer keyboard.
    thanks anyway for your great help and support. nevertheless i wouldn't buy any behringer product again in the future.
    cheers & best regards

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