Hi Guys,

We wanted to let you know we have a new free iPad app called the " The Engineers' X32 Quick Start Guide" on the Apple app store. You will see it when you search for X32.

App Description: The Engineers' Quick Start Guide for the BEHRINGER X32

Who wants to read a manual? The Engineers' QSG for the X32 gets you mixing...and FAST!

The Engineers' Quick Start Guide for the BEHRINGER X32 offers a concise walkthrough of all the features and functions you'll need to get mixing ASAP.

The Engineers' QSG for the X32 combines detailed screenshots and easy to read instructions in a convenient iPad interface. The easy to follow, step by step directions allow for quick console navigation as you establish your workflow.

The Engineers' QSG for the X32 is written for those that know their way around a mixing board. The quick “how-to” quides are written in a language that appeals to the knowledge base of the audio professional.

Here some of the topics covered in the Engineers' X32 Quick Start Guide:

  • Vital Specs of the X32
  • Performing a Firmware Update
  • Routing Signals to and from the X32, S16 Stagebox and P16 Personal Monitoring System
  • Multi-Track Recording to your computer
  • Stereo recording on USB Stick
  • Naming Channel Strips
  • Copy and Paste between channels
  • Setting up Buses and Matrix Mixes
  • Setting Up DCA & Mute Groups
  • Sends on Faders
  • Assign Section
  • FX Rack
  • iPad Control
  • PC/Mac/Linux Control
  • DAW
  • Talkback
  • Saving Scene
  • Preset Libraries
  • Cue Wedge / Monitor Console Setup

We hope you guys find it useful.

Best Regards,
Joe Sanborn
Manager, Channel Marketing