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    I've just been told by a Behringer dealer here in the UK that the FCA610 isn't expected until "Q1 or Q2" whatever that means. Having waited a year for what seemed like a great product, it really is starting to look like "vapourware". Is getting US certification the problem or are there technical issues ? Please can we have an informed update.

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    Hi Jon!

    A thing to keep in mind is that dates mentioned when introducing products at NAMM are almost always projections and very rarely guarantees. Very often during production and the QC process, we get ideas on how to improve our products. The good news is that means better products for everyone, the downside is that products will be delayed slightly. In the end, we feel it's best to get the products as close to perfect as possible before shipping.

    With all that said, we projected late 2012 when announcing the FIREPOWER interfaces at NAMM last year. So while the FCA610 might be delayed by a quarter or so, we won't be too terribly far from the mark.
    James Burns,
    Coordinator, Social Media
    MUSIC-Group US.

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    Quote Originally Posted by James Burns View Post
    Hi Jon!

    we get ideas on how to improve our products.
    Thanks James, I'll bear your advice in mind for this years NAMM.

    Obviously this is a very competitive end of the audio interface market. One idea which may have occured to your engineers is to add support for USB 3.0 - it would give the Firepower a huge advantage as USB 3.0 is becoming much more common on PCs.

    An alternative ( or addition) would be to bring out a PCIe card version.. I know, patience !

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    Are you going to put MIDAS-designed preamps (like in X32) into it?
    This post was made in Poland

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    Hi Mateusz,

    Yes, you can see one at:

    Best Regards,
    Glenn Slater
    Specialist, Product Support Web
    MUSIC Group US

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    Hmm... what ? When ? No way... I ended buying reloop stuff not cmd, now with the audio interface ended with iO4...
    We put our trust in your words, wait and nothing... what to say... nothing, is useless anyway !

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