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Thread: Recording with Samplitude

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    Question Recording with Samplitude

    I'm using samplitude in combination with the Behringer X-32. I made a 7 track recording via the audio interface of the X-32 that went OK. Then I'm playing it back to 7 channels on the X-32, mix it and added fx's. That works OK as well.

    The last part is getting the mix (Main L/R) back to samplitude and punch it in to (stereo)
    track 8. There I'm lost I can't get the correct routing.

    The most obvious would be in Routing, card out, the option to route mains like you can select for the analog out, P16 out, ... .

    What do I miss

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    By default, bus 15/16 is the left/right out of the console, and needs to routed to the card out. I have mine running out of 31/32.
    Select the "Routing" tab next to the screen. Scroll to the "Card Out" tab. In the column titled "Expansion Card Output 25-32", scroll down until you see the selection for "Out 9-16". Now, the send from the left/right will be sent to the DAW via the card out. Outputs 15/16 should return to the DAW as channels 31/32. In the DAW, create a two new tracks, and I will explain in a minute why. In the first new track, select the input for that track, and select channel 31. Repeat these steps for the next new track, using input 32 for this one. I have tried using a new stereo track, but the routing comes from only one side of the console, meaning left. This way, you have two tracks that are left and right. Mute all of the other tracks in the DAW, and play back just these two track to hear your mix.
    I am sure there is an easier way of doing this, somewhere in this forum, or from the people at Behringer, which is also where I got this info.
    Good luck,


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    Sorry, I forgot the mention the returns to the console.
    In the DAW, select the output for these new tracks to go to what ever channels on the console you would prefer. I have mine coming back in to AUX 1/2.
    In the AUX IN/UBS layer banks, the buttons on the far left of the console, select the input for AUX 1 for what ever output you are sending the first channel on the new track from, and repeat the steps tor AUX 2. Again mute all of the channels on the console, just to be safe and the two new tracks will come back to these channels.
    Good luck,


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    Thank you James. I'm fine now
    I tried before with out 1-8 but I forgot the standard output is 9-16

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