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Thread: Problem with fcb1010

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    Problem with fcb1010

    Hello everyone, I am writing from Italy, I hope to be in the right thread, I would like to ask you something fairly simple (for experts) I bought a FCB1010 I did everything, calibrated expression pedals, and assigned presets that I wanted to the buttons from 1 to 5 but I can not do the same thing with the buttons 6 to 10.
    My question is as follows:
    Can I call with the button 6 the preset 35 on my gt pro as well as with the one I call the preset button 23, with the second i call the preset button 54 etc etc, or do I have to let the button 6 just call the preset 6, button 7 to call the preset 7 etc. until button 10? So only the buttons 1-5 can call presets that I want and with the buttons 6 to 10 No. right?

    Sorry for my English. ciao

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    Dear Giancarlo,

    Please refer to the below thread for an answer to your question:

    Kind Regards,

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