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  1. asdf

    Cool! just checked online and the x32 rack is now 1199.99. Did you get a better deal than this (what is currently advertised online) by calling?
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    Got a time frame

    I just saw this video where the guy in the booth said "later THIS year maybe Q3.."
  3. No it will be the M24.. The umbrella MUSIC group...

    No it will be the M24.. The umbrella MUSIC group will switch to Midas Branding, they'll count 16 inputs + 2 USB + 6 outs to get to the 24 number.. They'll add a USB charge port so the ipad doesn't...
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    Now that they have announced the X18 which is...

    Now that they have announced the X18 which is basically the iX16 with new name and a couple new features and only 800 bucks now, would you still think the rack is a better choice and worth the 700...
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    X18 Ship Date

    Did anyone at NAMM mention when they expect the x18 to ship? I see a "buy now" icon on the website but it is a broken link at the moment.
  6. X32 rack typos

    Is is just me or is the manual loaded with copy and paste errors from the console version? "Empowering motorized faders?" "Home section home to 8 100mm faders".. I'm not even past the intro.. Am I...
  7. X32 Rack - best way to go about getting started

    I'm thinking about getting an x32 rack for a practice/live gig rig. I'm not already familiar with the x32 platform but would like to do more research first.. What to people recommend (PDF, manuals,...
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    Truth B2031A monitor tech questions

    1. Are the two inputs (xlr and trs) independently buffered? Can I use them both at the same time, One for mixer, one for computer?
    2. Can you release schematics of the amplifier section?
    3. Can you...
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    Any Updates on iX16 Release Date?

    Anyone got any new clues on release date?
    I'd love to see the manual and the technical specs on this device too!
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