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    Does this mean that you have effects on the other...

    Does this mean that you have effects on the other buses, and they are working? You have the FX return turned up? Are you seeing signal entering the effect/exiting the effect?
  2. Sticky: I'd like to see the ability to route MIDI coming...

    I'd like to see the ability to route MIDI coming from the PC over firewire/USB to the MIDI ports on the back of the X32. When I monitor MIDI coming from an assignable encoder, I can see the data...
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    Re: Optimal pc to use?

    I'm about to build a new PC for our use with the X32. First, I'd try the system you have and see what you want to improve on from there. No hurt in testing it out.

    Second, you should use a...
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    Re: P16M Wiring

    I used unshielded 5e for about a 90 foot run to a P16D from the x32 and there is no problem. I wouldn't expect there to be unless you are running parallel with some cable carrying voltage. In my...
  5. Re: Getting X32 Master output from card (firewire)?

    Yeah, I just checked and on the Routing|Analog Out tab/page you can specify a signal to go out each of the 16 outputs. You can do Direct Out Ch 01, for example, and set it to Pre Q, Post EQ, Pre...
  6. Re: Getting X32 Master output from card (firewire)?

    Yeah, that is a problem. Maybe you could send other signals to analog out 9-14 so you aren't losing a whole block.
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    Re: The best Behringer Joke

    I figure I'll need a rubber pad, or maybe an old mouse pad (!!!) as thick as the height of the plastic sides so I can set my (much more useful) Galaxy SIII or something else there. The sides should...
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    Re: controlling P16M via BCF2000

    I just found this in the documentation on the P16-M page:

    I'm just not entirely sure how to implement it.
  9. Sticky: Re: X32 Feature Request and Issue Reporting Thread

    henryklein said: "Another glitch: X32 Control (both on PC and Mac) dont show the DCA and Channel names, only icons."

    The names of the channels and DCA groups are right next to the fader, turned...
  10. Aux inputs not sending audio on USB card out.

    Hey all, I'm wondering if anyone else has this issue.

    I have signals coming in on Aux 1-6 from CD players, etc. I set "Aux 1-6/Mon" as one of the 8 channel groups transmitting to my PC, currently...
  11. Re: Getting X32 Master output from card (firewire)?

    By default the main outs are on analog out 15 and 16, so....

    Hit the "Routing" button, page over to the "card out" page. Then assign one of the 8 channel groups to "Out 9-16" and it'll be on the...
  12. Re: What level is considered "unity" for the x32?

    I've done more research on this question and I have only found a few interesting tidbits when it comes to setting gain for digital mixers.

    There was some discussion on other sites about making...
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    Re: Scribble Strips

    I select a channel, hit the "View" button for the gain/trim section and then hit the utility button to the right of the display.

    I am also getting in the habit of hitting select and view (on the...
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    Re: X32 integrated plugins

    The user manual has a list of effects and their discriptions. See page 11.
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    Re: X-Control

    There is a beta available on the X32 downloads page.
  16. Setting gain for incoming signals ("unity") for the x32?

    Ok, did my first mix with the X32 last night.

    Since the metering leds are green below -18db and orange for -18db and above, I set gain for each input to bump the -18db led. Normally when I mix on...
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    Re: Stereo Inputs

    Yes, I did this for my CD, DVD, and Tape inputs on the Aux Ins. When you select a channel, and view it's "home tab", you want to turn on "Link" (IIRC, by pushing in the first rotary encoder/button...
  18. Sticky: Re: X32 Feature Request and Issue Reporting Thread

    I'd also like like routing assignable in blocks smaller than 8. I know that will require a UI change to handle all the possibilities. Personally, I think blocks of 2 (for a stereo pair) would be...
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