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    Per Heldal

    Firmware 2.08

    True. I'd challenge anyone to notice any difference between 44.1/48k and 96k, or between the midas-inspired mic preamps in the x32 and the true midas

    Per Heldal 15 Minutes Ago Go to last post
    Paul Vannatto

    x32 Rack Web Bug

    Jeff, look at the second line of apps and to the right ("X32-Mix Version 2.2.0 (August-25-2014)").


    Paul Vannatto 21 Minutes Ago Go to last post
    Jeff Mucha

    x32 Rack Web Bug

    It still says the latest Ipad App was released in 2013 on the X32 Rack downloads page? How can they update the firmware area a couple times and miss

    Jeff Mucha 32 Minutes Ago Go to last post
    Paul Vannatto

    Firmware 2.08

    That would be cool. With the national add endorsement from Cadillac, Bentley part of the MG family, all is left is to have Rolls Royce join in

    Paul Vannatto 50 Minutes Ago Go to last post
    Per Sovik

    Firmware 2.08

    Of course, there are some delusional souls that desperately cling to the hope that Midas somehow have included some surprise hardware that magically will

    Per Sovik 56 Minutes Ago Go to last post